Company Profile

Star Transcriptions, based in the United States, was established in 2000. True to our Mission Statement, we have succeeded in offering significant advantages to our customers who want to benefit by our global network of service providers to outsource, reduce cost, increase office efficiency and have local customer service, instant communication and problem resolution at the same time.

At Star Transcriptions, we are the Medical Transcription Specialists. It's our only service that we provide to Solo Practitioners, Group Medical Practices, MTSOs and Hospitals in the United States. We offer the "Best of Both Worlds" by combining high-accuracy, fast turn-around times and consistent quality performance at amazingly low cost.

Our global network of facilities is staffed by experienced MTs, proofreaders and QA professionals. They are supported by in-house doctors, pharmacists and English language professors as well as network and systems engineers and data security experts. We have a well established MT training program. Our employee retention rate is one of the best in the business.

We go to great lengths in qualifying our offshore facilities. Facilities are evaluated for their management, staff, infrastructure and processes during on-site visits using 21-element Baldridge Quality Audit criteria. Only the best and the most efficient facilities are selected after they go through a pilot test program and their performance is continually monitored by the use of quality and performance metrics.

Star Transcription encourages our potential customers to take advantage of our "Free Trial" or "Contact Us" for more information.