Star Transcriptions Pricing Information Here's a Star Transcriptions Case Study Paper on "COST SAVINGS" that you may find interesting.

Transcription pricing depends on several factors that are listed below:


  1. Volume of Transcription
  2. Turn-around Time
  3. Dictation Input Method
    • Using Toll-free Phone Number
    • Using Local Phone Number
    • Using Digital Voice Recorder
  4. Counting Method
    • 65-Character Line
    • Page
    • 60 or 55 Character Line
    • Gross Line
    • Minutes of Dictation
    • Audio File Size (MB)
  5. Dictation Quality
  6. Templates & Standardization
  7. Method of Audio File Delivery
    • FTP Upload to Star Transcriptions Website
    • FTP Upload to Customer Website
    • Via Email
  8. Method of Transcription File Delivery
    • FTP Download to Star Transcriptions Website
    • FTP Download to Customer Website
    • Email to Customer
    • Fax to Customer
    • FTP Download/Email/Fax to Third Party


Our Price Includes: 

  1. Free Trial (5 Days or 500 Lines)
  2. Free Setup
  3. Free Digital Voice Recorders
  4. Free Toll-free Number
  5. Free Templates
  6. Free Letterheads
  7. Free File Storage
  8. Free US-based Support
  9. Free FTP Site Access
  10. Free File Delivery
  11. Free ‘Peace of Mind’


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